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My University Life

So yea, they are my 'gang' I met in my first sem of university life. 
It's been awhile since I've posted any new updates after starting my uni. I was glad that I meet people who are friendly and crazy enough to mix around with me. I thought the course that I've chosen might not have friendly people around me and I would be studying 24/7 and be alone :)

Life turns out pretty differently when I started week 2 in uni. I chopped off the unnecessary relationships that make me feel uncomfortable and started making new friends in my uni. I joined a few clubs and met new people. That makes my life here easier because it feels more like home?(to have people you know around you). 
At first, I was really motivated and excited to start my uni life. I thought it will be 24/7 studying and getting good grades. But in the end, I am occupied by all the assignments given and overwhelmed by those assignments at the beginning. Soon, I get used to all the overwhelming situation and sta…

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