Love V.S Social Media

I've been thinking about writing this but just didn't have the time to do so. What is it about? About how social media could ruin a love relationship. I don't know much about others but what I'll be saying is from my point of view.

After getting into a relationship, social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram....
I started to notice there are posts about how a male should treat their girlfriend or how a girlfriend should be treated in a relationship.

Frankly, there is nothing such as "should be" in a relationship. Everyone is different. Everyone love people in a different way. We can judge someone by all the "guidelines" the social media gave us. What I'm trying to say is never take those pieces of advice seriously because every relationship is different in its own way.

Girls often saw posts online saying what a man does might indicates he's cheating, not loving you anymore and many other bs. Frankly, if your partner ain't…


Okay. Before this, I'm gonna want those who aren't in any relationships to know this. I wished that I knew all these before I get into the relationship.

You must love yourself.You must learn to trust.You must learn to be tough.You have him/her doesn't mean they are all yours. 

If you think you are capable of achieving them. I think you're good to go.

Love - something not everyone is good at.

Men and women are both individuals coming from a different world and trying to love each other's flaws.


Look. If you love yourself. Girl. You ain't gonna get broken down by anything happened between both of you. You know how to take care of yourself for yourself. You learn how to dress up sometimes for yourself because you want to. (not showing it to anybody). You put on makeup to look gorgeous at the day. You don't do things that are stated for anyone. You do all them for your OWN. Every li…

Loving yourself


We are all pretty in our own way. I know we all have heard it a lot till we don't really take it into our heart.

We need to learn to love our self before loving others.
Learn to be confident despite facing hardships in our life.
Learn to ignore critics people comment on you.
Learn to kill overthinking.
Learn to stop getting yourself into negative circumstances.

If you have a past that you wouldn't want to be remembered of, stop thinking about it.
It's your past, your own story. You don't have to let people know it but make sure you learn something from your past and put it down. Forgive yourself for the mistakes that you've done. Leave it to the past. Don't waste every second of your future thinking about your past, it's over.

Everyone has her or his past. It makes us a stronger person. Do not complain what has happened in your past because it always serves us a lesson. It depends on us to realize it or keep making the same mistakes.

There's so m…

My University Life

So yea, they are my 'gang' I met in my first sem of university life. 
It's been awhile since I've posted any new updates after starting my uni. I was glad that I meet people who are friendly and crazy enough to mix around with me. I thought the course that I've chosen might not have friendly people around me and I would be studying 24/7 and be alone :)

Life turns out pretty differently when I started week 2 in uni. I chopped off the unnecessary relationships that make me feel uncomfortable and started making new friends in my uni. I joined a few clubs and met new people. That makes my life here easier because it feels more like home?(to have people you know around you). 
At first, I was really motivated and excited to start my uni life. I thought it will be 24/7 studying and getting good grades. But in the end, I am occupied by all the assignments given and overwhelmed by those assignments at the beginning. Soon, I get used to all the overwhelming situation and sta…


Yep that's me
Oh hey, when you think I'm about to post some sweet cheesy post, I ain't gonna do that :) Valentine's Day is not my day (yay..)
Last year, MOANA from Disney came out and I was having SPM so yea, I missed it until yesterday I watch the movie. I fell in love with "How Far I'll Go - Alessia Cara". If you have not listen to this. You really should.

Click into the video and enjoy the song :)
Lyrics in this song is touching. As the only child in my family. Every decision made must be right. Choosing Computer Science to study in college is my choice and I always doubt myself if I could make it... but this song absolutely motivates me to move forward because every choice we make doesn't gives us setbacks but makes us stronger and making us to see a wider field of world to be successful. The most important thing during this journey is the support networks from friends and family to push us through ups and downs. There will be a lot of setbacks …


It's the time of the year again ! (For Asians') I'm really curious about the Chinese New Year culture as a Chinese... Hmmm... 
1. We need to buy literally everything NEW as if we're renovating our home. 2. We need to buy new outfits (especially in RED & YELLOW)  3. We need to CLEAN THE HOUSE .
So at this point I capitalised the three words is because my parents are both busy woman and man so as the only child in the family, I've got to do what I need to do --- CLEAN THE HOUSE FYI, I've got OCD. It's not severe but I kinda have it since primary school, so cleaning hasn't been easy for me... Once I've decided to clean it, I'll make sure it's all cleannnnn AF or I'm not gonna stop. Plus I have back problem, so it's kinda hard on me 💀💀 Today I was planning on cleaning this house alone by today and turns out I've taken entire day to clean my own room 👏👏 Well Done WINNIE, WELL DONE 👏👏 Gosh, I'm gonna have severe muscle p…


I'm leaving :)  I'm leaving my hometown. I'm leaving the place I familiar with.
I thought leaving my home, making new friends & working part time jobs were easy. I went to my university and got my enrolment stuff done and I got my accommodation in a new place. I thought it was gonna be fun and exciting to be living in a different environment...
I remember last week my mom and I were looking for accommodation and we went to check out the residence and stuff. At that moment, I realise ... it wasn't easy at all. It (accommodation fee) costs way too high, the courses I'm gonna take costs a lot too... I don't feel like a burden to my mom but I feel that I'm asking too much from my mother... She worked so hard for me and after I got graduated, I take up courses, programs and activities which makes her pay for me. Shouldn't I be paying my own bills and stuff..? Although I'm too young to work legally, parents have to raise us .. ya I know that... That&…